Feeling festive anyone?

This lovely handle-less kitchen in bold red which we’ve just installed for a client has got us all in the festive mood here at Wood Works. Satin lacquered cabinetry in this striking red colour, paired with the handle-less look results in a very contemporary kitchen.


Red handle-less kitchen

Hors d’Oeuvres Anyone?

We have recently completed a project for a lovely client of ours from the past whose brief was to provide an interesting way to display crudites in his fantastic restaurant the Five Fields in Chelsea, definitely worth a visit if in the area.

Here is the outcome, we think you’ll agree that it’s certainly unique and will make a great visual impact on the dining table!

Sourcing Ripple Sycamore

Just been out buying Ripple Sycamore from Bob at Timberline – good fun, but such a tricky timber to buy, even with a block plane to check the colour. There weren’t a lot of boards to choose from, it being the end of the old season’s stock, according to Bob, and the new season’s boards not coming out of the kilns for another few weeks yet. This batch will want a lot of care in the machining, but with a bit of luck should give some fine white timber for a set of bedroom furniture in the ripple with walnut bands.